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lamps for chandeliers, visitors can come across colors such as:
• transparent;
• white;
• brown;
• black.
For each interior, there is an appropriate color for the chandelier shade, which will organically fit into the overall design concept.
Chandelier: choice by frame material
A durable and solid chandelier is able to last a long period of time, while not changing its original qualities. Thanks to a durable frame that does not deform over time, the chandelier remains as attractive as it was at the time of manufacture. The most optimal solution for the chandelier frame are:
• metal;
• glass.
Frames can be made in various shapes, sizes, and other parameters. A chandelier with an original frame is becoming more in demand and attractive.
Our online store offers various models of chandeliers, including those with frames made using a unique technology. Such frames are quite hardy, not subject to natural destruction, aging, and can withstand mechanical stress. The chandelier, which can be priced differently, is judged not only by its external design, but also by its functionality, since pricing is not only due to the functionality of the chandelier, but also its aesthetic properties. The frame of the chandelier creates the desired shape, and significantly affects its appearance. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier in our online store, you should be guided by what interior features the lighting device will harmonize with, and what kind of picture will turn out in general.
Chandelier frame color
The chandelier enjoys increased attention due to the color of the frame.
Each visitor of our online store can choose a chandelier not only by the color of the shade, but also by the color scheme of the original frame:
• white;
• golden;
• chrome;
• bronze.
Various combinations of colors are also possible among themselves and additionally, with a graphite tint. From this chandelier only wins.
Choice of chandelier size
Traditional parameters of a chandelier, such as height/width/length, also play a significant role in choosing a lighting fixture. You cannot place a large chandelier in a small room, residential or office, as visually it will clutter up the space and occupy a significant area. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier, you should pay attention to its dimensions. Our showcase presents original models that will become a worthy decoration of any interior due to their compactness and other physical dimensions. Available and under the order there are chandeliers with a diameter:
• up to 20 cm;
• up to 40 cm;
• from 41 cm and above.
The maximum diameter of the circle reaches 100 cm. The maximum length corresponds to 80 cm, the width is more than 60 cm, and the height is 100 cm or more.
Chandelier: where it is profitable to buy in the online store
Flexible pricing policy, loyal attitude to each customer, ongoing promotions and discounts, makes shopping in the online lighting store a comfortable and convenient process. The entire range of lighting fixtures and related products is quite in demand and is in significant demand. The pricing policy is designed for any family budget, so almost every visitor can make a profitable and economically justified purchase, especially one who understands chandeliers.
Sufficiently convenient and functional options allow you to choose a product and pay for it on the spot. If the buyer does not want to come for the purchased device himself, then he can order the delivery of the chandelier to his home. The courier service will deliver the valuable purchase to the specified address within the specified time. It should be noted that we organize shipment throughout Ukraine.
If the site visitor cannot choose the most suitable model, then experienced consultants will talk about certain properties of each chandelier, which will allow the buyer to make the right and informed choice. All chandeliers are given sufficient attention, so we have the most trendy and popular models.
A chandelier purchased from an online lighting store can be placed both in an office space and in a residential one. Under any conditions, it will functionally fulfill its duties, and delight the buyer with comfort and coziness.
Buy a chandelier in Kyiv
In Kyiv, chandeliers are always in great demand and popularity.
Buying a Kyiv chandelier is quite easy, since the delivery of the purchased goods in the Territory of Light online store is carried out throughout Ukraine. Kyiv is no exception, and within a short time the chandelier will be delivered to its destination. At the same time, the carrier guarantees the safety of the chandelier, and its delivery in good condition. You can also choose and buy another lighting fixture that matches the purchased chandelier.